Friendly atmosphere
Learning with fun
Modern Infrastructure
Green Playground
Spacious Classrooms
Qualified Teachers
Caring Support Staff
Friendly atmosphere
Learning with fun


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Welcome to our website. Our latest updates, announcements and achievements are listed here.The buildings are all modern and spacious. It offers the students the near-comfort of home in the  green surroundings.Students are given opportunities to develop their own talents.


The centrally air conditions and spacious classrooms are well-designed, subject oriented with plenty of natural light and ventilation that can comfortably accommodate 25 students. In addition, each classroom has a computer connection with internet access and is monitored by circuit cameras.



Primary school competitions are held in the school through out the year. The winners and the participants are awarded prizes and certificates. Efforts are made to have maximum participation from the students. Students are given opportunity to participate in school competitions also to gain confidence and exposure


We respect and promote diversity in ideas and thoughts..By raising awareness of all strands of diversity, how to eliminate discrimination and promote equality of opportunity, we are preparing our young people to become good global citizens, and to appreciate the diverse society in which they live.


We understand that SAHYOG PUBLIC SCHOOL is a part of the global social fabric. We are a regular contributor to social welfare activities.


 At SAHYOG PUBLIC SCHOOL, we shall always strive to keep our promises.


Our vision is to achieve our mission through the best employees, tools and practices in most legal and ethical manner.


We shall hire the best talent and keep our people happy and adequately compensated at all times. We shall always respect or employees irrespective of their rank and position.


We shall keep our planet green. We shall green sustainable energy to run our business and conserve electricity, water and resouces.


We are a profit making business. We shall earn profits for our shareholders, employees and partners through our efforts , ideas and innovation.